Who was Psalm Adjeteyfio and what was his cause of death? Honors spill when veteran actor dies

Who was Psalm Adjeteyfio and what was his cause of death? Honors spill when veteran actor dies: Psalm Adjeteyfio is and like TT was a Ghanaian actor. The Ghanaian actor has passed away. According to his family, he died on the morning of Friday April 8, 2022. The actor’s parents told them they found him unconscious in his room. After attempts to revive him failed, he was immediately taken to the hospital. When he got to the hospital, doctors examined him and pronounced him dead. The actor’s body has since been transferred to the morgue. He died at the age of 55. Hid Sohn confirmed the news of the actor’s death. Psalm’s son Nii Adjel Adjetefio confirmed the news to citinewsroom.com on Friday. Follow more update on Mazic.co

Psalm Adjeteyfio

Who was Psalm Adjeteyfio?

According to the late actor’s son, Nii Adjel, his father, who was already battling diabetes and other illnesses, was unconscious when one of his family members visited him on Friday. The actor was very famous for his work in films and videos. Born in the Gold Coast, he is best known for playing the main character TT in the Ghanaian TV series Taxi Driver. The late Adjeteyfio had complained that he was no longer getting any acting gigs, nor is he currently pursuing any active work.

Psalm Adjeteyfio cause of death

The actor also works in many feature films, including Love, Lies and Murder, Papa Last, American Boy, The Scent of Danger, and The Chosen One. The actor has previously revealed he had an issue with being diagnosed with heart disease and kidney failure. Also in 2018 there were donations for his heart enlargement treatment.

How did Psalm Adjeteyfio die?

When this news has gotten to the media, it gets more and more attention from the people. People are always searching the internet to see if this is real news or someone is spreading fake news to draw attention to the TT

The actor is better known as TT than his real name. He got this name after working on the Taxi Driver series. He once revealed that he spent a very large amount on his hospital bills and medication, adding that support from family and friends has waned due to Covid 19.

Netizens pay tribute to him on social media. They share a small clip of his work on social media. They are praying for him and for the family to get through this situation after losing one of the very important members of their family.

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