Who is Tya Posley? Florida woman arrested for slapping A year-old video goes viral on social media

Who is Tya Posley? Florida woman arrested for slapping Year-old video goes viral on social media: Even after many strict rules against child abuse were enacted, the crimes don’t put an end to the name. Some people commit many serious crimes against children without fear, but the police take strict action against such criminals. One such video is currently doing the rounds, depicting the crime against the child and ending up the perpetrator in jail. Tya Posley was arrested by Stanford police after a video surfaced of her being seen physically abusing her daughter. The internet has watched the anger at the lady. Let’s find out about the lady who filmed herself abusing her own child. 

Tya Posley video

Who is Tya Posley?

A strange video went viral on the internet in which a lady was seen hitting her own child over an argument with the baby’s father. The video was viewed by thousands of people who expressed their anger at the lady’s action. There isn’t a famous social media platform where the video hasn’t been watched or people haven’t commented on what they think about it. People are watching this particular case with great attention because it is so sensitive as it is related to child abuse.

Tya Posley video explained

Tya is a woman who hails from Florida and has burst into the limelight after being spotted abusing her own daughter. In the viral video, she can be seen hitting the child and saying something about her father. According to media reports, she is said to be 23 years old and currently based in Stanford, Florida. Her daughter is currently 1 year old, her name has not been released to the public.

It’s not clear if Tya is married or not and what her relationship was with the baby’s father. The father has yet to speak to any media and has not yet been identified, although it’s likely he’ll be made public soon.

Tya Posley arrested for child molestation

After the video was viewed by law enforcement officers, they took Tya to arrest her and charged them with cruelty to child molestation without grievous bodily harm. It has been reported that bail for such a crime is $2,000. She is due to appear in court on June 7. Because of her action, she has often been called on the Internet.

As the disturbing video went viral, people are concerned for the child and his well-being. The child was reported to have no bruises from the incident and is in good health. She is present at Child Protective Services (CPS).

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