Who is Jeremiah Ryan and why was he arrested? Bronx shoots death of Angellyh Yambo

Who is Jeremiah Ryan and why was he arrested? Bronx shoots death of Angellyh Yambo: A teenager from America named Jeremiah Ryan was arrested for attempted murder and killing the school children in broad daylight. Jeremiah Ryan was 17 and he always carried the gun in this bag, official says. He was underage and didn’t have a gun license. Maybe he stole the gun from his parents’ almirah or brought some of his friends with him. Who knows where he got the gun from. Follow more update on Mazic.co

Jeremiah Ryan

Who is Jeremiah Ryan?

His friends also say that he was involved with some of the gangsters where he learned these things. They further added that sometimes we saw him taking the drugs from these gangsters and consuming the weed. How he came into contact with them and how he met them was not known. His surroundings were very dark and surrounded by the bad guys.

Jeremiah Ryan arrested

Jeremiah Ryan was a young boy from the United States of America who was arrested Friday in a shooting in the Bronx that killed a teenager and wounded two others. At the time of writing, he was facing a number of murder and criminal firearms possession charges. It is against the law to own a gun at a young age. Cops put Ryan in jail and are getting more and more evidence. Cops also said the shooting destroyed two families. One was Angellyh Yamabo, who took the bullet in the chest while the other two landed in the chin and buttocks. Angellyh Yamabo was 16 years old and the ages of the other two were unknown.

Who are Jeremiah Ryan’s parents?

As we mentioned above, he was 17 from America and faces murder charges after three other teenagers were shot on their way home from school in the Bronx on Friday. A teenager died in the shooting and one was identified as Angellyh Yambo. She was a student at the Bronx Preparatory Charter School. Ryan shot and killed her on purpose. He doesn’t shoot once. Rather, he was shot multiple times before confirming that he had died. The reason for the shooting was not yet known. Speaking of his parents, we haven’t been able to retrieve it until now. We tried to visit some authentic websites and visit some sources. But we did not find the data of his parents.

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