Who is Dereck Jamal Boykin and why was he arrested?

Who is Dereck Jamal Boykin and why was he arrested?: Crime has become serious business these days. Every day we see on the news channels that crimes are being committed all over the world. People say that cops didn’t do their duty properly. You need to become more aware of these crimes. A case recently came to light in which Dereck Jamal Boykin raped a young girl in broad daylight near a school. Follow more update on Mazic.co


Dereck Jamal Boykin arrested

He tells her first if you come with us then we’ll have some fun together and you’ll enjoy it. At first she thinks he was talking about fun at the amusement park or a ride. Later when she finds out he touched her without her permission. She says stopped. you’re getting too close to me I am not your girlfriend. His anger comes after listening to her and tries to violently rape her.

The police started their investigation. They first checked the CCTV footage where the guy tried to get her into the car and then he violently raped her. Police identified the man. His name was Dereck Jamal Boykin. He was a criminal and the police have been looking for him for so many days, now he is in the hands of the police and they are taking care of him. Dereck was arrested in the attempted rape case of a 17-year-old girl. However, the girl’s identity has not yet been discovered. It was only known that she would go to school for her studies. But halfway, Dereck came out and tried to pick her up in his own car.

Who is Dereck Jamal Boyking?

Dereck was a 38-year-old criminal who committed many crimes in the past and the police have many records on him. In the past he has robbed many guys and stolen many wallets. Sometimes he robbed the bank and stole millions of funds that people made day and night just by working. Speaking of personal life: Dereck was unmarried and has no children. His family data were not yet available. For some reason, when this news broke, the police officers did not reveal the identity of the girl and her family. They do not want to present the girl’s family in front of the public.

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