Who is Chelsea Doss, wife of Congressman John Rose? Age, Instagram and more!

Who is Chelsea Doss, wife of Congressman John Rose? Dude, Instagram and more!: A video of an American politician is currently trending on social media. The video is uploaded to YouTube along with a description that reads: “With the Tennessee GOP moving forward with a bill allowing child marriage, the story of GOP Congressman John Rose and his young wife is being revealed. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down at rebel headquarters.” Ever since John’s video went viral, netizens have wanted to know more about him and his wife. If you also want to know about them, keep reading this article. Follow more update on Mazic.co

Congressman John Rose's wife, Chelsea Doss

Who is John Rose?

John is the most famous American politician and businessman serving as the United States Representative for Tennessee’s 6th congressional district as of 2019. As a Republican, he was commissioner of agriculture for Tennessee and president of Boson Software, LLC. Born and raised in Cookeville, Tennessee, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness Economics from Tennessee Technological University in 1988.

He received his MS in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University in 1990 and his JD from Vanderbilt University Law School. In 1992 he co-founded Trnanscender Corp, an information technology certification that sold in October 2000 for $60 million. John is currently 57 years old.

Who is Chelsea Doss, wife of Congressman John Rose?

John tied the wedding knot with his wife named Chelsea Doss in January 2011. Both have two sons together. Rose runs a family farm in rural Temperance Hall, west of Cookeville. A farmer and owner of a small IT training company, John is driving the conservative movement that has inspired so many as former President Trump was first running for office.

John and Chelsea proudly supported President Trump in 2016 and again in 2020. John continues to proudly stand for the fundamental principle that guided the Trump administration: put America first. He and Chelsea believe they received their greatest blessing the day their first child, Guy, was born. Unfortunately, the Roses have lost their expected son. He believes we must act boldly to resolve the debt crisis, renew Christian values ​​in society, protect our borders, and strengthen our military.

The age difference between John and his wife is currently a hot topic of discussion among netizens. They met when she was 16 and he awarded her a 4H scholarship. One user wrote: “Republicans are trying to pass a law that would allow anyone to get married at 12. Do you really think women are behind boys in percentage terms? No, it’s those disgusting old men looking for little girls.”

Netizens have started searching for information about John Rose’s wife named Chelsea Doss Rose. John Rose is President of his own software company, Boson Software, a company that educates IT professionals across America. John Rose is the current acting representative for Tennessee. Recently, a controversial proposal was made by the Tennessee representative as he and his wife have eventually found themselves in the media spotlight. Now the Internet is looking for his wife. In order to eliminate all questions from our readers, we have come up with this article where we have discussed many compelling things like their children, marriage, age and many more.

John has served as U.S. Representative for Tennessee since 2019. In addition to being a member of the US Congress, he is also the chairman of the Tennessee State Fair Association. But all eyes are on his wife. But his wife has also become a topic of conversation in the city due to her husband’s controversial proposal. John is married to his wife named Chelsea Doss Rose. The couple have enjoyed each other’s company for years. Let us share a glimpse of their marital relationship in the following paragraphs.

Currently, the Representative and his wife are both 57 and 33 years old, respectively. His wife grew up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She was born to her parents Beth and Jeff Doss. She previously attended Eagleville High School and completed her college education at Tennessee Technological University. She graduated in Agricultural Communications in 2011. She and her husband are heavily involved in fundraising to support the Future Farmers of America. If we look at her professional history, she served at a voluntary non-profit FFA foundation in Tennessee, where she was appointed executive director from 2014-2017.

John and his wife Chelsea first met during Chelsea’s tenure at the FFA when she was acting president of the foundation in 2007-08. Later both showed interest in each other and started dating. The couple exchanged vows at First Baptist Church in Cookeville, Tennessee. The couple also welcomed two beautiful children together. Both are the boys Sam and Guy. John’s son Sam blew out the candle for his first birthday last month. Now Sam is one year old. Keep in touch with us for more information.

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