Who is Alexander Bespalov? Russian colonel killed in Ukraine in ongoing war

Who is Alexander Bespalov? Russian colonel killed in Ukraine in ongoing war: Another news of the death of the Russian colonel is currently making headlines. Yes, we are talking about a Russian Colonel Alexander Bespalov who was killed amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. News of his death went viral on the internet. People mourned his death. His relatives are currently in mourning. It’s really sad that the number of deaths in Ukraine still hasn’t stopped. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has ruined so many families. In this article we have collected some essential details about Alexander Bespalov. Follow more update on Mazic.co

Alexander Bespalov

Who is Alexander Bespalov?

According to the reports, Alexander Bespalov is said to be the 9th Russian colonel to be killed in the invasion of Ukraine. The ninth Russian colonel was killed as Putin’s forces suffered significant casualties with around 19,000 dead. The devastation was found in towns around Kyiv, where hundreds of people are said to have died amid allegations of torture. In addition, a senior Russian military commander, Colonel Alexander Bespalov, was killed and his remains transported to his residence.

However, Alexander Bespalov is not mentioned on the Wikipedia page, but we have tried our best to provide you with enough information about the Russian colonel. Alexander Bespalove was a popular personality who was also known as the Russian military officer of the highest rank. According to the 74.RU website, the tank commander leading the 59th Tank Guard Brigade was the ninth Russian colonel to be killed in the invasion of Ukraine. News of the colonel’s death came after the deaths of at least seven of Putin’s military leaders in the country.

Likewise, in addition to tank soldiers, enough elite airborne troops were also killed. A disturbing video has been circulating the internet showing all 55 forces of a Russian special forces unit killed in Ukraine lined up on a table. However, no actual cause of death is available online yet. Some images of the colonel have surfaced on social media platforms, showing him wearing numerous medals.

News of his death came to light after a terrible battle near Kharkiv, where Ukraine assassinated the Russian commander of the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade, Colonel Denic Kurilo. Regarding his personal life, it was expected that he is a married man and also has children, but exact details about his family are not available on the internet. May his soul rest in peace.

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