What happened to Francis Katungin in deadliest catch injured in boating accident

A horrible accident happened in the latest episode of Deadliest Catch. Francis Katungin, a staff member at the stated performance, was injured in an incident Tuesday night. All of this happened as a result of a rogue wave pinning Francis against a railing. The show’s official social media account used Twitter to post footage and tell fans about the shocking incident. It’s been a topic on social media ever since.

Francis Katungin was injured on the show Deadliest Catch

After losing beloved fisherman Todd Kochutin in a similar incident aboard the Patricia Lee last year, Captain Rip Carlton found himself in a nightmare situation. Kochutin, then only 30 years old, died in February 2021. According to his obituary, he died as a result of a shrimp fishery. More details were released after the show aired, including the fact that Kochutin had been hit by an 800-pound crab pot. On Tuesday’s episode of the long-running Discovery series, a large wave ejected a crab pot from the launcher as the crew launched crab traps in rough seas.

Francis Katungin: What happened to him?

Deckhand Katungin was smashed into a railing by a huge piece of welded steel. The situation was so dire that Deadliest Catch producer Todd Stanley went in front of the camera to administer first aid. Katungin’s injuries are unknown at this time, but the episode revealed that he sustained significant pelvic trauma that could have resulted in a fractured hip and a shattered pelvis.

In Tuesday’s episode, Captain Carlton drove his boat for 16 hours to get within range of a US Coast Guard plane that could help extract the injured crewman. “Last year Todd was killed on that boat,” Cornelia Marie co-captain Casey McManus said on the episode. “Now he’s crushing another guy,” says the narrator. “It’s just…I mean…” she says. Captain Carlton struggled to remain optimistic despite the dire situation.

“You have to do your job as well as possible,” he said. “My main goal is to get this ship into a safe position where Francis can be safely removed by the Coast Guard, which will not be easy.” While awaiting rescue, Katungin added, “I just want this voyage to be over bring.” End this damn season…I’d rather be here. That’s exactly what I love to do.” Follow us for more breaking news and topical issues from around the world. Keep an eye on us.

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