WATCH: Kartel Pikabu video goes viral on TikTok, Twitter and Reddit

WATCH: Kartel Pikabu Video Goes Viral on TikTok, Twitter and Reddit – Pikabu Ru Story Kartel Video Izleme: Social media users had their roughest and most traumatic time with Kartel Peekaboo video on Twitter. The video of Kartel Pikabu is currently appearing on the internet. Those who saw the video experienced a disturbing time in their lives. There are also some reaction videos on TikTok where people on the video are crying hysterically. It broke people’s psychology when the video surfaced on the internet. Read on to learn more about the story here. Follow more update on

Kartel Pikabu

Kartel Pikabu Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Kartel Pikabu’s video, which appeared on Twitter, shows the brutal killing of a child. TikTok users have reacted to the video, crying or crying uncontrollably. The caption of the video suggests people not to watch the video. They also stated that although the video was removed after a while, the content remains in the memory of the people who watched it. People who have already seen the video could not hold back tears after seeing the pain of the child being smashed with the knife.

Pikabu Ru Story Kartel Video Izleme

The video of Pikabu Ru being fatally killed has surfaced on social media platforms. The photos and videos of the incident have since been removed from the platforms. Those who have already seen the video have asked other people not to watch the clip as it is devastating.

Social media users have been continuously uploading videos about the case to their social media platforms. They are shocked and saddened to see a young child in pain after being stabbed. Everyone knows his stage name Kartel Pikabu. Ru Video has some horrifying child slaughter that might be too painful to share publicly.

Kartel Pikabu viral video explained

The video originally made the rounds on Telegram and was later published on Youtube. Meanwhile, there is no detailed description of what the strips are about. The story of the boy of Pikabu Ru Kolunu is widely known throughout Russian territory. Several interested parties wrote in Russian to tell others about the story. According to initial assumptions, the boy’s story has something to do with Russian lands.

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