Vladimir Putin shaking in video goes viral on social media

A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently raising concerns about his health. According to many reports, a resurfaced video of Vladimir Putin “trembling uncontrollably” has sparked speculation that the Russian dictator is seriously unwell. This footage sparked hearsay that he has a major health issue as he trembles uncontrollably in the video. A Russian tyrant’s hands are shaking violently in a clip of him welcoming Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to the Kremlin, media reported.

Wladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin trembles in the video

A frail-looking Putin – who has been adamant about claims he has Parkinson’s or terminal cancer – extends his shaky hand to greet Lukashenko before quickly backing away and pacing the room. Putin looks dazed and his knees buckle as he goes to hug his Belarusian counterpart in the undated footage that has been shown more than 1 million times. It comes as a recent video of Putin biting his lip and turning around absently at a Sunday church service further fueled claims that the autocrat is suffering from a terminal illness.

Putin trembles in a viral video on social media

Putin turned while holding a candle near the altar at a midnight mass for Orthodox Easter. It came a day after the decrepit Putin, 69, was spotted in the video clinging to a table and tapping his foot in what Kremlin viewers said was a drastic denial of his physical condition. On Sunday evening, he came less bloated than in recent weeks as he stood next to the city’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Brief television footage showed little overt evidence of the telltale tremors often associated with Parkinson’s. But viewers watched as the aging autocrat seemed to move uncomfortably, sticking his tongue out and chewing his lips. Not only that, he also looks down at the ceiling and floor at the time of Mass looking straight down from pal Patriarch Kirill, who supported his invasion of Ukraine. At one point the President was seen slowly crossing himself and approaching with great care to control the movement.

Hd spoke nothing other than joining the gathering with the reply “Verily He rises,” as reported by Reuters. The public appearance came days after Putin was spotted on Russian television giving orders to defense chief Sergei Shoigu to besiege Mariupol. Observers said the isolated dictator got up in his chair “weak and barely able to stand up.”

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