Video of Taliban helicopters in Pakistan goes viral on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube

WATCH: Video of Taliban shooting up Pakistani helicopter goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube: As you all know, there are many disputes between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Relations between the two countries are not that good. These countries are not that good to begin with. Recently, a case became known in which Taliban troops shot down Pakistan’s helicopter. A Pakistani general was seriously injured in the fire and needs immediate treatment. In this article we will briefly discuss what exactly happened between the borders and why the troops fired it. Without wasting any more minutes, let’s get started. Follow more update on

Taliban shoot video with Pakistani helicopter

Taliban fire on Pakistani helicopters

According to the report, the division between the Pakistani army and the Taliban has deepened after the two sides clashed over the Durand Line. Disputes erupted again between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Recently, Afghanistan shot down a Pakistan Army helicopter near the Nimroz area on the Afghan-Pakistan border. According to Hashim Wahdatyaar, a US journalist working in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters fired on a Pakistani helicopter in Nimroz province along the Durand Line.

A Pakistani army general was seriously injured in a Taliban attack on a Pakistani helicopter. The Pakistani army reportedly asked the Taliban to extradite the terrorists within 24 hours of the attack. According to Wahdatyar, the Taliban rejected the request. After the Taliban refused to extradite the attackers, a bitter fight ensued.

Taliban shoot video with Pakistani helicopter

Some sides claim that Afghanistan is preparing for the attack on Pakistan that we will see in the coming days. Fighting between both countries will last few months and they are ready to attack Pakistan. These kinds of statements revolved around the Internet. Response to Pakistan. They say we also used heavy artillery against the Taliban, leading to confrontations. The Taliban had rallied in the area to once again cooperate with Pakistani forces.

In December 2021, a significant battle erupted near the Durand Line in Kunar Province. Heavy gunfire was reported on both sides and in the border areas. If they compete on a grand scale, there will be a huge massacre in the coming days. There have been many fights that have taken place in the past and nothing has come of it. The country’s relations are only spoiled by fighting. We have to stop this.

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