The end of Nigerian actress Yewande Adekoya’s 8-year marriage

Yewande Adekoya Abiodun: Nigerian actress Yewande Adekoya’s 8-year marriage comes to an end: When two people enter into a relationship, they swear to be very responsible to their relationship and to be honest in the relationship, but when a marriage falls apart, all promises collapse, then no one knows what should be done to save a relationship. Every relationship wants sacrifice to grow and sacrifice is only made by one side then this relationship might not last long. Every broken relationship has some consequences that someone has to face. Follow more update on

Yewande Adekoya Abiodun

Yewande Adekoya Abiodun

We’re talking about Nollywood contestants Yewande Adekoya and Abiodun Thomas. They have been married for 8 years and have 2 children. I see them, it’s a very happy family, but when they break up, what could save them, nobody knows. Yes! We say absolutely right, Abiodun Thomas is not honest about his married life and went into a marital home. It is very shocking to everyone who thought that Yewande Adekoya and Abiodun Thomas are a happily married couple and others were all inspired by them.

Nollywood actors were together 13 years and married 8 years ago. They have very few young children. They appear to be a very happily married couple, but they would not be a happily married couple now. According to Yewande Adekoya, Abiodun Thomas, her husband, did not follow any responsibility for their marriage. Even Abiodun was the only one who managed the financial expenses of his house for so long. She said she did not know what happened to her husband, but that this relationship could not last long.

She said she tried many things to save her marriage, but if Abiodun didn’t try to save her, who could lead her? She said she didn’t expect too much from him but she just wanted some respect and love from him but he did everything. Now she has no expectations of their relationship. It’s coming to an end. The problem is that they have two innocent children and when a couple separates, it has a very bad effect on the children. She said he was running away from his responsibilities and that’s why their relationship couldn’t go on.

Now netizens are also very sad after receiving the crack news about the marriage of Yewande Adekoya and Abiodun Thomas.

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