Syracuse Police Respond After Viral Video Shows Officers Putting 8-Year-Old in a Cruiser

The Syracuse Police Department is responding after a video on social media showing officers putting a crying child into a police cruiser has drawn criticism.

April 17 shows the screaming child being put into the back of a Syracuse Police Department SUV. The video had more than five million views by Wednesday afternoon. In the video, officers tell the man filming that the child had been stealing chips from a store. The man filming yells at the officers, questioning their behavior.

The man who recorded the video, Kenneth Jackson, told WSTM that he intervened because he saw how scared the child was. “There’s a way that the police need to interact with kids and what they did that day was completely unacceptable,” Jackson told the station.

The video immediately began attracting attention. Etan Thomas, a former NBA player who played at Syracuse University from 1996-to 2000, shared the video on Twitter with a comment saying, “This is what President Biden wanted when he said fund them? … Syracuse police handcuff & manhandle a little kid who couldn’t be more than 10yrs old over a bag of chips?”

The Syracuse Police Department issued a statement on Twitter, saying that they were aware of the video being shared and that the department was reviewing the incident. The department also said that the child was never placed in handcuffs, but “he was placed in the rear of a patrol unit where he was directly brought home.”

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