Singer Mr. Eazi proposes marriage to Temi Otedola. Video goes viral on social media

WATCH: Singer Mr. Eazi proposes to Temi Otedola Video goes viral on social media: One of the very popular singers Mr. Easi got engaged to her long time friend Temi Otedola. He made the announcement via his Twitter account. Temi also announced her engagement to bodyfriend Mr. Easi. We know that Mr. Easi is a Nigerian singer and Temi Otedola is the daughter of Femi Otedola. Temi Otedola is the daughter of the business mogul. She posted a video in which Eazi proposed to her in London. Follow more update on

Mr. Eazi proposes marriage to Temi Otedola

Mr. Eazi proposes marriage to Temi Otedola

Many times rumors have peaked that Mr Easi had dismissed previous claims that he was flaunting his girlfriend because she is a billionaire’s daughter. But now the whole rumor has been ended. Rather, Nigerians have congratulated the couple on the social media platform. Otedola also expressed her feeling of getting engaged to his boyfriend Mr. Easi, she looks too happy in the pictures she posted on her account.

This was the best moment of her life, she would be very special to her. Otedola has been dating his friend Mr. Easi for a long time, who is now fiance. Rumors often come out that Mr. Easi doesn’t love Otedola but he only loved his father’s property, Otedola was never touched by these rumors, she was confirmed that he would be a perfect match for her and would like to spend her whole life with him. She has proved her feelings are true, now she and Mr Easi are engaged and will be married soon.

Mr. Eazi Proposes Temi Otedola Video

Marriage is the best feeling for a couple, when a couple enter into a relationship, the person’s family background doesn’t matter, only the bond between couples matters, if it is strong, it would never be broken by anyone. They would spend a happy married life together. Love is the best feeling in the world but when it becomes the best feeling when your partner is so athletic and caring.

You became everything to him then love is important but if a person only likes you because of your family background you couldn’t say love it would just be a profitable business to spend a better life on each other’s money. Now Nigerian couple Mr. Easi and Temi Otedola have got engaged and we hope for the best future for them. They became a successful couple and they became each other’s strengths. Everyone wants pleasure for her.

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