Semina Halliwell’s death video went viral on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

WATCH: Semina Halliwell’s death video goes viral on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram: Semina Halliwell, a 12-year-old girl, committed suicide after being raped. She was raped by a boy who was her classmate. Both go to the same school and both attended the same class. She was 12 years old when this happened to her. A beautiful little girl who had just started the journey of her life is now coming to an end very soon. Her mother, Rachel Halliwell, was very upset and sad when she heard her temporary news. All she wants from the police is for the boy to go to jail and receive life imprisonment as punishment. Follow more update on

Semina Halliwell video

Death video of Semina Halliwell

The boy’s name has yet to be identified and police have not publicly disclosed his family members. They don’t want to damage the family’s reputation in the media. His mother told police the boy came across her Snapchat and started texting her. At first he didn’t do her any harm. He just wanted to talk to her like a normal person would. But after a few days their conversation got deeper and deeper.

Semina can’t control his actions, can’t even read his deep messages and leaves him a warning message that I don’t want to see him again. You’re so personal to me and I don’t like that. And never call me a baby. I’m not even your girlfriend. I ban you from my snapchat and all my social media accounts. From now on I don’t want to see you anymore and you don’t come near me. She left with the last sentence: Never try to contact me again. Goodbye!!

Semina Halliwell’s death video explained

When her mother saw their conversation and saw the above message, she knew her daughter was suffering from the deeper pain and she was hesitant to speak to her. Semina tries to talk to her mother about it, but she doesn’t dare tell her mother anything. She felt that if I told my mother, she would misunderstand me. And this thing leads them down the wrong path.

The police are now investigating the whole case and finding the older guy who wronged her. If something should arise, we will inform you in any case. Until then, follow this page to stay up to date.

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