Ramsey High School Shooting Video Leaked On Twitter And Reddit – Bergen County Active Shooter

WATCH: Ramsey High School Shooting Video Leaked On Twitter And Reddit – Bergen County Active Shooter: Ramsey High School was on lockdown on Thursday April 7, 2022. The school administration received a threat, as a result of which the school was locked down. Police are investigating and monitoring the circumstances surrounding Ramsey High School. Parents of the students and families have been concerned since this news broke. People are curious what kind of threats were reported at the school and why the school was locked down. Follow more update on Mazic.co

Ramsey High School shooting video

Ramsey High School shooting video

There is a lot of speculation about the threat from the populace. But we have come up with authentic and latest updates with this article. So you must read all the sections provided in this article to know what was the threat and what is the current status of the school and in the sections placed below you can also read the statement released by the school management after reporting a threat.

At around 10:30am Thursday, the school reported an unreliable threat, but did not take the matter lightly and without risking the lives of the students, the school management informed the Ramsey Police Department. The police department later came to the scene and released a statement clearly warning Ramsey residents, urging them to avoid the area and keep them a reasonable distance from the school district. The statement also said Ramsey High School has been on lockdown. Please see the next section to learn more.

Ramsey High School Shooting Bergen County Active Shooter

About an hour later, the school board released a statement on its official Twitter account. The tweet reads: “No one is allowed to enter or leave the complex at this time. Police officers are in provincial school.” The school also tweeted that the school remains closed, parents are advised not to pick up their children and not to call the police at this moment. Read the further development in this case in the next section of this article.

The Ramsey Police Department said the threat did not appear to be credible. However, the partnership and protocol with Ramsey High School is working as planned. No injuries were reported and all students and staff were released soon after intensive monitoring of the matter. But the origin of the threat has yet to be elucidated. All students have arrived home safely. The investigations are still ongoing. Visit this website for further updates.

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