Quebec man stuck in Mexico Reddit video goes viral on Twitter and YouTube

WATCH: Quebec man stuck in Mexico Reddit video goes viral on Twitter and YouTube: A Quebec man who has long struggled with back pain is stuck with cancer in Mexico. He has nowhere to go, cannot go to any part of the world and cannot travel around the world unless his cancer is treated properly. His treatment previously took place at a hospital in Canada, where he received medical clearance from the hospital to travel. But unfortunately, the Mexican immigration authorities refuse to take his medical certificate and cannot take him on board. He went on vacation to Mexico. At the airport, he and her wife were present with their two children at that moment. But officials stopped him when they learned he had severe cancer. Your wife says: Our life changed from one day to the next. It’s not her fault. Follow more update on

Quebec man stuck in Mexico

Quebec man stuck in Mexico Reddit video

How was he diagnosed and what is the problem with his back pain?

Chavez claims that her husband’s back condition has recently deteriorated prior to their trip. Bigras was diagnosed with lymphoma in October 2020 and was treated at Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital until February 2021, when he was declared cancer-free. In January 2022, Bigras gradually returned to work, and back problems began in the winter. According to his wife, he went to the same hospital’s emergency room several times and made follow-up appointments.

Chavez claims that her husband’s blood tests and other tests at the time didn’t trigger any red signals. He also had none of the other symptoms he had when he was first diagnosed with cancer, like weight loss and excessive sweating. To relieve the pain, Bigras was given anti-inflammatories.

Chavez said the medical team at the time assumed the problem was muscle discomfort, even when he returned to the emergency room with symptoms. He went to physical therapists and even a massage therapist to try and get better, Chavez said. In reality, Chavez claims her husband went to his GP and discussed their upcoming trip. She claims Bigras was assured that the leave would be beneficial to him.

But given his back pain, the doctor says he doesn’t take vacations or trips unless his back muscles have returned to normal. When his health and back are back to normal, he can go anywhere.

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