QB and Pittsburgh Steelers star Dwayne Haskins death video leaked on Twitter and Reddit

WATCH: QB and Pittsburgh Steelers star Dwayne Haskins death video leaked on Twitter and Reddit: It was a sad moment for us that Dwayne Haskins isn’t between us. He died. He breathed his last on April 9th ​​and a day later he saw no one. His family, wife and children were all sad and posted the tributes on social media. He was reportedly hit by a dump truck while walking on a South Florida freeway. It was not known why he walked in the middle of the street. Maybe some tension or someone must have called him bad. Whatever the reason, the police find out. He was 24 years old when he lost his life. Follow more update on Mazic.co

Dwayne Haskins

Who Was Dwayne Haskins?

A spokesman named Lt. Indiana Miranda sent an email to the Florida Highway Patrol that read: Haskins attempted to cross the westbound lanes of Interstate 595 as traffic was flowing. He didn’t say what he was doing on the street. She screamed to call him and sent some signals to stop him. But he ignored her and didn’t answer any of his questions.

How did Dwayne Haskins die?

After a few minutes he was hit by a dump truck where he went up for a few seconds and then fell. When she reached him, blood was spurting out, his head was broken, and he died instantly. She didn’t have enough time to call the paramedics and wait for them. If she tries there is no chance of saving him as he died instantly when hit by a dump truck.

Dwayne Haskins death video leaked on Twitter

She literally cried for him and was sad not to be able to help him. She was devastated at a loss of words about his sudden death. He was always a nice guy to everyone and always eager to help those in need. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said in a statement that he is one of the best and hardest working people, both on the field and in our community. He was a good player and quickly made friends. My heart was broken when I heard of his sudden death. My thoughts, wishes and prayers are always with him and his family. I hope your wife will cover this situation and control her feelings. She must be strong during this difficult time. Rest in peace Dwayne.

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