Pratha is determined to kill Rehaan

Naagin 6 April 10, 2022 full written update of the episode: Here we are with the April 10, 2022 written episode update of Naagin 6. The episode begins with the biggest test in the series. You’re going to enjoy today’s episode because there’s going to be something so unexpected for viewers that you must be so excited to snag this update. So you are on the right platform because we will update you with the full episode tonight. This series is going great as it has a huge following and all the enthusiasts always remain curious for the upcoming episode’s written update. Follow more update on

Nagan 6

Naagin 6 April 10, 2022 full episode

In today’s episode we will see that Pratah wears the black saree that she makes mistakes in and looks so gorgeous. In fact, she is so good looking that when her husband looks at her, he catches her eye. The way she approaches him she looks so attractive and he is happy to see her. But later tonight there will be a twist in the episode. Her husband is in the room with his girlfriend. When Pratha enters a room, she notices him and it hurts her. After that we have so many questions in her head and she desperately needs the answer to every single question.

So she asks him what he’s doing here with his girlfriend. Doesn’t he know that he’s married now and can’t do something like that? Afterwards he gets angry and in his anger he yells at her accusing her that she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend. Pratha loses her temper upon hearing this and he punches Shim. She then says to him: “Don’t you dare talk to me like that, otherwise I won’t spare you next time.”

But you’ll see that on the show too, they’ll fall in love with each other, it’ll take time for them to realize how they feel about each other. It will be interesting how they will express their love for each other. Apart from that, we will see that there will be numerous challenges in Pratah’s life and she will handle them wisely, so don’t forget to watch the full episode on Colors Tv.

Naagin 6 April 10, 2022 written update

Here we are with the written episode update of “Naagin 6” on April 10th, 2022. The episode starts with a huge drama in which we will see that Pratha is having such a hard time. She will be confronted with something that is so unexpected to her and she will sense the problem and that is what makes her so necessary. But somehow this will also be a golden opportunity for them. She will also be seen searching for the exact truth but it will not all be easy for her and all you have to do is keep your eyes on it.

Later we will see all family members are so busy at the party and also super excited. Each of them was so excited about the party, but Pratha is in trouble and it will be so difficult to get out of it. Mehak is there to support her too, and she’s in trouble too, so they’ll both see themselves giving their hard percent to find out the truth. But it will take time for them to understand that the new person is the culprit.

So you assumed correctly that there will be a new entry on the show and that’s the sole culprit. So in today’s episode we guys will see that this newcomer is the villain as he is also one of those who have made it their mission to influence or harm the nation. So his entry is suspended, but later his truth will be revealed before Pratha. He wears a hat and a suit and that completed his character so well.

Apart from that, we will also see that Pratha will start to follow this new person in this house and she will not leave him at all. But he’s smart enough to protect himself. But Pratha is more than him and she will catch him, after which she sins her true colors and starts attacking him. But the question is, will she actually kill him or not? So if you want to get the details, don’t forget to watch the full episode on the color TV channel

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