Mona Lisa went after with cake by man ‘dressed as old woman in wheelchair’

Film caught at the Louver in Paris shows an individual obviously wearing lipstick and a hairpiece requesting that individuals “consider the planet” in the wake of going after the world’s most popular picture.

An individual apparently masked as an elderly person in a wheelchair has organized an assault on the Mona Lisa.

Video shared internet-based shows the world’s most renowned craftsmanship with cake spread across the glass case safeguarding it.

Observers said a “man dressed as an old woman” leaped out of a wheelchair at the Louver in Paris prior to endeavoring to crush the defensive glass before the Leonardo da Vinci painting.

The exhibition made sense of the guilty party had figured out how to draw near to the picture by “mimicking a handicap”, permitting them to exploit a strategy intended to assist individuals with portability issues to see the significant works in its assortment plainly.

One observer said the individual then, at that point, continued to “smear cake on the glass and toss roses wherever prior to being handled by security”.

A separate film shows the individual associated with being capable of telling observers in French: “Consider the planet… there are individuals who are obliterating the planet, ponder that … That’s the reason I got it done.”

Obviously wearing lipstick and a hairpiece, the individual is then accompanied away by security before they were given over to the police.

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