Kim Garam bullying scandal video goes viral on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter

WATCH: Kim Garam bullying scandal video goes viral on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter: One of the cutest girls on social media, Kim Garam was embroiled in a controversy that she was a school bully in her day. It unnecessarily creates problems for others to face all of them. During her school days she was a burden to others. She bullies her friend and her juniors if they don’t greet her well. She drinks and smokes a lot. She also sometimes smokes weed and takes drugs. Follow more update on

Kim Garam bullying

Kim Garam bullying

Her parents were unaware of her bad behavior. In the classroom, she sometimes hits random younger students when they wouldn’t treat her well. All of these things show how bad things were for her during her school days. We don’t know how her classmates dealt with her torture and controlled her anger. Judging by her face, it looks like she is cool, calm and has a loving personality that does not harm others. But when we look at her actions, we knew how bad she was. She didn’t treat the juniors well, she didn’t have a good attitude, and she had no respect for elders.

Kim Garam bullying scandal video

A teaser content of the idol was recently released by HBE, in which they reveal the names related to her. In a screenshot, they took the names and showed them to everyone on the internet. Among them was her name. If her name and her partner’s name are exposed, her career and life will be spoiled.

This news was announced on April 6th, netizens are waiting for the screenshot and are curious to know their names. If somehow her name was there, then it was difficult for her to stay on social media more. The idol hasn’t come back on social media and she has to live with her parents to find some work.

Kim Garam bullying scandal video explained

On her part, she tried to ensure that the names were not disclosed on the Internet. To this she says that she has done no harm to my juniors. I treat her well. In fact, she takes them to McDonald’s, amusement parks and Disney World to have fun with them. Those spreading this message are completely wrong. I have never done anything wrong with my best friends and with my classmates. Let’s see what happened to her.

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