Is Troye Sivan Married as TikTok via Husband and Son? TikTok debunked

Is Troye Sivan Married as TikTok via Husband and Son? TikTok debunked: Angel Baby singer Troye Sivan is making headlines everywhere after opening up about his husband and having a baby. Yes, you read that right Troye Sivan is the husband and also the father of one. Ever since the news broke, his fans have been amazed as no one suspects that he is married and also has a child. He revealed the details of his personal life while promoting a song of himself on TikTok. Now fans are desperate for more details about Troye Sivan’s personal life along with his husband and baby. Here’s everything you need to know about Troye Sivan, so stay tuned. Follow more update on

Is Troye Sivan Married?

Five months ago, Troye Sivan released his famous track Angel Baby, but it has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Sivan used his TikTok account to reveal the information about the song and also shared his experience with an angel and his husband who encouraged him to create this song. After learning this, fans were left stunned as they had no idea the singer is married let alone having a baby.

Troye Sivan revealed that he was inspired by his 5-year-old boy. The exact details of his son’s age revealed to fans that the singer had married privately and also decided to have a baby without informing his fans. The overlay lyrics to Troye Sivan’s most viewed TikTok videos about the song read: “This song was inspired by my husband and our five year old son Andrejo. He used to be a baby; now he is five. Your papa and papa love you Andy!”

Who is Troye Sivan’s husband?

After sharing the video on TikTok, he also posted some clips of himself sharing stories about his childhood and personal life. Fans can’t imagine the Aussie sharing much about his life and began to wonder if the video about his baby and husband is true. In one of the stories, he related that when he was just 8 years old, he was visited by an angel, which prompted him to create the hit track.

In the other TikTok video, he explained that he cried as a baby and his mother said he sounded like an angel. He continued, “10 years later I wrote ‘Angel Baby’ about it and it’s out now. I hope you love it.” We want to let all fans know that the videos shared by Sivan are not true. The truth is that the singer isn’t married, and neither is the father. Keep in touch with us for more updates.

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