Is Shut The Kale Up Divorcing? Husband’s name and family details

Is Shut The Kale Up Divorcing? Husband’s name and family details: These days, news of Shut the Kale Up’s divorce is surfacing all over the internet. Yes, you read that right there are some reports on social media platforms claiming that Shut the Kale Up is getting divorced. However, there is still no confirmation regarding their divorce. Ever since news of their divorce went viral, her fans have been worried about her and constantly reacting to the news. You wonder what exactly happened when she decided to get divorced. Some are looking to know if these are rumors or is it true? Here you will find all the information on the validity of the news. Follow more update on

Shut the cabbage

Is Shut The Kale Up Divorcing?

Shut the Kale Up was born on August 25, 1988 in California. Her real name is Jeannette Ogden. She is a social media influencer who has a huge following on all social media around the world. She is a mother, wife and health enthusiast. She has always been open about her struggle with an eating disorder. She has credited her marriage to clearing up clutter. Jeannette has amassed many fans on social media who adore her so much. She has a good number of followers on her official Instagram account, where she shares good health tips, recipes, and other useful posts that help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

Shut The Kale Up husband name and family details

Shut the Kale Up divorce rumors are currently circulating the internet. However, the rumors have not yet been confirmed as she has not issued a statement regarding their divorce. She is married to her husband, AK is bad. Apart from that, it is noticeable that there are no pictures of her with her husband on her Instagram profile. That’s why the rumors of the couple’s split might be true.

But no official statement regarding their divorce has come to light. She had previously posted several photos of herself with her husband and children, but all of those photos have now been removed from the account. Not a single picture of her husband is available on her social media account. Jeannette is the mother of two sons whose pictures can be seen on her profile. Her sons’ names are Elliott and Cole. She is good friends with Lee Tilghman, who is also a famous fitness and health blogger. Keep in touch with us for more updates.

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