Is Lulu Hassan dead? husband, children. And obituary update today – what happened to her

Lulu Hassan is a Kenyan businesswoman. Also, Lulu has been in the news recently following the death of actress Rehema Konde, better known as Bi Salama.

Lulu Hassan is a well-known Kenyan businesswoman. Lulu is also a Kenyan television news anchor and reporter for Kenya’s free-to-air television channel, Citizen TV, which is also Kenya’s most-watched television channel.

Lulu Hassan, on the other hand, is more than a prime-time Swahili newsreader. The multi-talented journalist is also a business prodigy. She also claims that many Kenyans, particularly in the media, are looking for new opportunities outside of their regular jobs.

Hassan has also been in the spotlight lately after falling victim to another actress’ social media death scam. Many people are not sure if she is alive or dead; Still, the news is a hoax.

Lulu Hasan

Lulu Hasan

Is Lulu Hassan dead?

People believe Lulu Hassan is dead, but Hassan’s mate Rehema Konde, aka Bi Salama, is.

Likewise, Lulu’s followers are confused and amazed by the news that is currently circulating on social media. Hassan, on the other hand, is doing well and keeping on her toes.

According to insiders, Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdalla are mourning the loss of their best friend and paid her heartfelt homage.

Despite the fact that Lulu has been the subject of false death rumors, she is still alive on social media and is currently focused on her business.

As a result, it is unworthy to talk about someone’s death even if one is unaware of the reality.

Details on Lulu Hassan’s husband and children

Lulu Hassan’s wife Rashid Abdalla is the love of her life. In addition, Abdalla is currently the presenter of Citizen TV. Before that he worked for The Nation Media Group as QTV.

Additionally, the power couple has been together for 11 years. Kenya Cradle claims the couple married in 2007 in front of their relatives and friends.

The two also met while working at the Salaam radio station. The couple have three children together: two sons named Jibran and Irfan and a daughter whose name is unknown.

What is the status of Kenyan entrepreneurship today?

Lulu Hassan, a Kenyan businesswoman, is currently the CEO of Jiffy Pictures and also works as a producer for Downy Kenya. Therefore, she is called a multitasker.

Lulu enjoys keeping busy with her regular routine. We can also follow her on Instagram where she shares her daily life under the name @loulou hassan.

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