Is Bet9ja Website Hacked? Russian Blackcat group claims

Is Bet9ja Website Hacked? The Russian Blackcat group claimed: If you want to know what happened to the Bet9ja site then you are on the right page. Before we talk about this topic, let’s first talk about what is Bet9ja. Bet9ja is a sports betting website and online bookmaker company from Nigeria. This site offers betting on major sporting events. The website was recently hacked by a Russian group and the Russian group is demanding a ransom for the website to come back. Individuals want to know what happened to the Bet9ja website. To learn more about the problem and what happened to the sports betting site, read on. Follow more update on

Bet9ja website hacked

What happened to the Bet9ja website?

Bet9ja is currently at the top of Nigerian Twitter threads as there have been reports that it has been hacked. There are several sportsbooks looking for details about hacking as many people are betting on the site. A media outlet previously reported that the company was hacked by a Russian Blackcat group. There was also a statement issued by the company on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

Is Bet9ja Website Hacked?

Yes, currently Bet9ja has been hacked. It is no longer functional until further notice. The company claimed the incident and found that the Bet9ja system was attacked by the Russian Blackcat group, which is known for hacking big companies in the world. The same group was behind the German hacks in January. The group is also known as ALPHV and they have been aggressively recruiting members into their group. They target various companies around the world.

In a statement released by Bet9ja on Thursday, the hackers allegedly demanded a ransom, but they never accepted their condition. The company stated that its IT team was working tirelessly to restore the site’s normal services and further assured customers that their funds were safe.

When will Bet9ja be back online?

The management of Nigeria’s most famous betting company Bet9ja has declared Sunday 10th April 2022 as the latest date for the recovery of the Bet9ja betting site. This means that hackers will dump the site on April 10, 2022 and the site will be live online again. After that, users can access the account and continue betting on the platform.

Latest news and updates about Bet9ja Hacked 2022

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