Everything You Need To Know About Mai Titi’s Wedding

Mai Titi Wedding: Everything You Need To Know About Mai Titi’s Wedding: All the social media platforms are jammed up with the news of Mai Titi’s wedding. Yes, you guys have read it right, she is all set to tie a knot. Now in regards to the same, there are numerous queries making rounds such as when she will go to be tied knot? To whom has she been getting married too? Where is the wedding going to take place? Follow More Update On Mazic.co

May Titi Wedding

May Titi Wedding

Her fans are so happy to receive this news and they were waiting for a long time to see her as a bride. So lets us guys tell you that she is going to exchange the vows. Hence the day is almost there and you will be going to enjoy this day very soon. Sin the preparation for her wedding is going on so well. And they have already reached the fever pitch with some.

There was a bridal her bridal too which was attended by Zim celebs including Lorraine Guyo and Wasu The Makeup Artist. While she also shares her picture on Instagram and there has an announcement that South African singer and actress Kelly Khumalo will be performing at her wedding.

Where Mai Titi’s wedding is going to take place?

As per the confirmed sources, the wedding will be held at Royal Gates in Chisipite. To book this picturesque venue, the comedian paid US$6k. And the couple forked out almost US $100k on their special day. And the budget jas been brokedown by her and Mai herself confined that she paid US$4.5k for the gown, US$8k for décor, and US$7.5k for the rings.

Mai unveils that she and her husband Tinashe be throwing a bachelors party as it was going against the religious doctrine. She also claimed that due to the covid-19 there were restrictions imposed by the government and only 400 people will be allowed to attend an event.

So the wedding is going to be so royal, a couple seems too excited for their bid day as they are ‘busy in the preparations of their wedding. The cost of the venue was US$6K, interior décor US$8K, gown US$4.5, PA system US$3K, ring US$3K, catering US$4K, Tinashe’s ring US$2.5K, among other costs.

So there is no bachelor’s party at their wedding and this is due to some of their religious beliefs.

So just stay tuned to grab more updates on the same.

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