Elvis Nyathi’s death video has been leaked to Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube

WATCH: Elvis Nyathi’s death video leaked on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube: On April 6th, the world witnessed the brutality of some South Africans against a Zimbabwean man named Elvis Nyathi. He was a Zimbabwean man who was killed at Diepsloot Ext 1, Johannesburg. According to the reports, the victim was first attacked and beaten up and later set on fire by several people. Now a video of this incident has surfaced and this video has been viewed by millions of people on social media. As we all understand very well, the image is always more frightening than words. Follow more update on Mazic.co

Elvis Nyathi

Elvis Nyathi death video

And now people are getting pictures of this horrific incident that has made people outraged and condemn the South Africans’ dealings with Zimbabwe. While some are also seeking the stumbling block in this matter. In the sections below you will find all the important information on this topic. So read on and go to the last word. The victim’s full name is Mhbodazwe Elvis Nyathi, who was a gardener by trade and was in South Africa.

The disturbing video shows the victim being beaten with sticks and set alight by suspected South Africans. The victim screamed at the South Africans for help and forgiveness, but they ignored him and threw a flammable substance at him. Elvis Nyathi’s family members wiped and scrubbed blood on his body.

Elvis Nyathi’s death video leaked on Twitter

According to the source, the victim was 43 years old and living in South Africa without a passport. According to Elvis Nyathi’s wife, some people came to their house and asked for his passport, and when they didn’t find his passport, they started beating him. And after crushing him with steel rods and stones, they set him on fire. Please see the next section for more details on this incident.

The Gauteng Police Department has said police officers are searching for suspects involved in the brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi. After watching video of Elvis Nyathi’s killing, people are taking over social media. Users in large numbers give credit to the sacrifice on Reddit and Twitter. The victim was his wife’s husband and father of four children. Our condolences and thoughts are with the family members of Elvis Nyathi. We hope that the guilty will soon be punished by God. Keep in touch with us for more updates.

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