Eckson Maluleke Funeral Services photo video goes viral on social media

WATCH: Eckson Maluleke Funeral Services photo video goes viral on social media: The world famous Xitsonga singer is no more. He passed away on March 30, 2022. The legend teller passed away tragically and suddenly on Wednesday March 30, 2022. He leaves all his family, immediate relatives and assemblies of companions in utter devastation and bitterness. The sad news was shared in a Facebook spread by client Adv Ollies Makhiza, who said. I am so deeply hurt to learn of the death of this Xitsonga Music legend “The narrartor” Eskson Maluleke that I got a call within the first half of the day from someone very close to him. May his skillful soul rest in peace. Nyiko ya Mn’wanati yi nge replaciwi hey nchumu”.

Eckson Maluleke Funeral Home

Eckson Maluleke Funeral Home

This is very shocking news for the singer’s fans who have entertained her for so long. When the fans and his friends received the news, they were shocked after receiving the news. There was doubt that it could also be a rumor. But it would become the real news and it broke the hearts of his followers. Fans are curious as to his reason, whether he’s faced any difficulties in his life or anything else he’s faced. It is not yet clear what the cause of his death was, his funeral will be attended by his family member and close relatives and friends.

He was the man who entertained people for so long, fans loved him very much, not because of his singing but because of his gesture towards his fans. He was a very friendly person. Always ready for other problems. He got the name and fame or a lot of recognition from his fans. His fans loved him very much. He sings some very popular songs and this song created a singing personality among the listeners of his songs.

Fans pay tribute to him via their social media account. They share their thoughts and feelings about the singer on social media. If you search for him on the internet, you will get very emotional news about him from his fans. What do you think about him and why was he so important to his fans? Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and especially TikTok have been awash with messages of grief over his passing. Netizens also share short clips of him and his work.

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