Dua Zehra’s new video statement with her husband Zaheer Ahmed is going viral on social media

A video of a Muslim woman is spreading across the internet, raising netizens’ curiosity to learn more about her. Who is she and why is her video so hotly debated? If you also want to know the answers to all these questions, then you are on the right page. In this blog, we present all possible details of this video and her case. On Tuesday, a court in the Punjab capital ruled that Dua Zehra, the girl who mysteriously disappeared from Karachi about 10 days ago and was spotted today, was free to go wherever she wanted or wanted.

Dua Zahra video

Dua Zehra’s new video statement

Judge Tasawar Iqbal of the Lahore Model Town Court denied the police’s request to transfer the girl to Darul Aman after she was brought before the court hours after her video testimony came into the spotlight. Before delivering the verdict, the judge sent her spouse, Zaheer, out of the courtroom to record her testimony. Dua told the judge that she was 18 years old, came to Lahore from Karachi voluntarily, no one had kidnapped her and she did not want to go to Darul Aman.

Dua informed the judge that “I’m safe, my life is not in danger.” Afterward, the judge ordered her to go “wherever she pleases,” and the cops released the couple.

Dua Zehra Video Statement Husband Zaheer Ahmed

Dua previously filed the case against her father Mehdi Ali Kazmi and a cousin named Zainul Abideen in a Lahore court. Although the case was filed in Lahore, police officers claimed they spotted the Pakpattan couple. The Punjab police spokesman also said that Karachi police officers were kept informed of any developments in the case and all possible coordination was being made.

Meanwhile, in her case, Dua had accused Kazmi of breaking into her home in Lahore and trying to kidnap her with the help of her cousin. Dua explained in her complaint: “My father wanted to force me to take marriage vows with my cousin Zainul Abideen. My father and Abideen barged into my home and verbally abused and threatened me and my spouse.”

She stated that her neighbors thwarted the kidnapping offer. Dua also explained that she married voluntarily and “is living a happy life with my husband.” Claiming that she wanted to stay with her spouse, Dua called for criminal prosecution against Abideen and Kazmi. The district court took up Dua’s case and subpoenaed her on May 18 with evidence against her father. In addition, she filed a separate complaint against harassment in a district and circuit court.

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