Dira Rizare Shamwari’s video is going viral on social media

WATCH: Dira Rizare Shamwari’s social media video goes viral: The questions to be asked in the 2022 census have confused some Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is now conducting its national housing and population census. According to previous censuses of Zimbabweans. Questions like jobs, access to water, and electricity have been asked in the past but this year they are being asked really weird questions that Zimbabweans don’t like. People ask about the type of flooring in their homes, the kitchen appliances they use, physical disabilities, their level of education and where they lived 10 years ago.

WATCH: Dira Rizare Shamwari’s video is going viral on social media

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, a census is used to learn more about Zimbabweans and their way of life, in addition to counting people. In fact, the National Bureau of Statistics wants to know everything there is to know about Zimbabweans and how they are affecting the country. Factors such as unemployment dependent on basic services and people’s living standards must be included in the census. The main aim of the census is to learn more about Zimbabweans and their way of life. Because the census aims to collect information about the country’s unemployment rate, as well as people’s access to basic services and living standards, the census questionnaire must include these questions. Mercy Chidemo, a spokesman for Zimstat, said

Explained in the video by Dira Rizare Shamwari

Our questionnaire, he explained, consists of several parts. A demographics module, as well as function, workforce, and housing characteristics are included. So these are the reasons for the census of the country. Questions about access to basic services, sources of energy (lighting and cooking), water (spike, borehole, or open well/river), and housing, such as. B. the style of building, including walls, roof, and floor types, can be found in all censuses in developing countries.

Unlike in South Africa, a census also asked about the materials used in the construction of exterior walls, floors, and roofs. As a result, this is how South Africa determined people’s standard of living/wealth, as well as information about the country’s economic and social identity. So these could be the reasons for asking Zimbabweans this type of question in the census. On the other hand, the government is opposed to such requests being made by Zimbabweans. As a result, whatever is behind the reason should first try to understand it before looking for a cause.

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