Dallas woman described as “puppeteer”.

Death of Jamie Faith: Dallas woman described as ‘puppet master’: Jamie Faith’s passing news is trending around the internet right now. Jamie Faith and his wife Jennifer headed out from their Dallas home on Oct. 9, 2020 for an early morning dog walk. It was to be the last and last walk Jamie Faith ever took. Shortly after they left the house, Jamie was shot. It was clearly a murder that left her friends and neighbors stunned. “To say it was a surprise murder would be an understatement…Bright daylight, 7 shots, 1 person murdered,” said Steve Pickett, who covered the case for CBS’ KTVT-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth. “We watch murders all day. This one looked different.” Follow more update on Mazic.co

Jamie Faith's death

Death of Jamie Faith

“Three times in the head, three times in the chest, and once in the groin … And then someone approaches the woman, takes the time to pull out the tape and wrap her wrists,” says Christy Jack, a key defense attorney correspondent Peter Van Sant.” As I watched it, I thought, “This is a hit.” But if anyone thinks this is a simple hit-and-run story, you’re wrong.

Gunned down while walking the dog

A neighbor named Melinda Mendoza described the whole fatal incident, she says: I can hear the woman screaming and screaming hysterically for her life. It sounded like a movie… so I hurry up and call the police and say, “Hurry up and come on, I think my neighbor just got shot.”

It was October 9th, 2020 and Oak Cliff residents were still taking in the surprise murder of Jamie Faith. Dallas Police detectives started going from house to house. Jamie’s own front door security camera captured the haunting image as he left home with Jennifer and her dog, Maggie. It was taken just seconds before Jamie was shot.

Other cameras captured photos of the killer’s getaway vehicle leaving the scene.

Where is Jennifer Faith now?

American Airlines technology director Jamie Faith was mercilessly shot dead outside his Oak Cliff home. His wife Jennifer was the unfortunate witness to his murder and the whole community came forward to support her at such a difficult time. The gruesome information from the case was documented extensively in CBS’ 48 Hours: The Plan to Kill Jamie Faith.

Who is Jennifer Faith?

Jennifer Lynne Faith met Wisconsin native Jamie Faith in October 2005 on a blind date in Phoenix. She has been divorced twice before and has a daughter named Amber from one of her marriages. The couple hit it off immediately due to their mutual interests and married in Las Vegas in 2012.

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