Bowling Ball Bowling Pin Meme Twitter Viral on Social Media

Bowling Ball Bowling Pin Meme Twitter Viral on Social Media: A new meme is making waves in the social media world. It all started with an innocent promotional tweet from Nintendo Europe announcing fun bowling challenges that would be included in the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports game. But as we all know, nothing is sacrosanct on Twitter. After Nintendo Europe uploaded the Switch Sports bowling clip on Tuesday (April 5, 2022), two lewd GIFs appeared under the comments or replies. But they’re not just naughty — they’re lewd bowling-related GIFs. Created by a Blender artist named Wyerframez, these GIFs are modern takes on old-school bowling animations that you would recognize if you’ve played bowling before. Follow more update on

Bowling Ball Bowling Pin Meme Twitter

Bowling Ball Bowling Pin Meme Twitter

These animations would appear on screen at the bowling alley whenever someone split, hit, save or miss the pins. Wyerframez is no stranger to naughty art. A quick scroll over his Twitter account is enough to reveal that he’s also previously created some very awesome GIFs, some of which are Nintendo-based as well… The Blender artist posted his first bowling-related bum GIF in the uploaded month November 2021.

It features a bowling ball…er…ejaculating over a series of pins to score a strike, and at the time of our last April Fool’s joke, creator Wyerframez uploaded another awesome bowling GIF, so it’s more descriptive than the first one. The newer bowling animation now has around 81.5k likes on Twitter.

So when Nintendo uploaded a bowling clip four days after Wyerframez’s Twitter post, it’s not surprising that his replies included the GIFs. In response, Nintendo tried to hide one of them under Hidden Replies, but it completely backfired. It’s incredibly easy to see “hidden answers” on a Twitter post. There is a “Hidden Answers” icon in the lower right corner when an account is hiding an answer and Nintendo has hidden itself to give it even more exposure.

Well, there are many responses to the same two of Wyerframez’s bowling GIFs. There are also replies from Twitter users warning everyone else about what might be creeping in under “Hidden Replies”. Wyerframez said, “Landing on a Nintendo tweet was the last and last thing I expected, especially considering my… ‘daily’ content… I’m sure tons of people are just as surprised (or more) by the stuff I usually produce, but it’s nowhere near as relatable and retweetable. Bowling is very relatable and everyone has this experience of looking at the screen and being totally confused.”

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