Angela Rayner’s cross-legged video is going viral on social media

WATCH: Angela Rayner’s leg-crossing video is going viral on social media:

Outrage was sparked in the UK Parliament by an article alleging that an MP had attempted to distract the Prime Minister by crossing and uncrossing her legs in front of him. While these claims are utterly nonsensical, they have nonetheless managed to cause a stir in Parliament and the UK. In addition, the editor of the article was summoned to Parliament for his ridiculous claim that an MP crossed her legs. This matter gathers various reactions from the public and spreads like wildfire.

Video of Angela Rayner with her legs crossed

According to reports, this ridiculous article was published by the Mail On Sunday and as a result, there is a furious debate about sexism in Parliament. Meanwhile, the speaker also called out the editor who wrote that article, which alleged that an MP named Angela Rayner had deliberately crossed her legs to distract Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, at the time, MP Angela was wearing a tight dress in Parliament. Please see the next section to learn more about this topic.

Angela Rayner Crossing Legs Video Viral on Twitter

Conservative MPs suggested that female MP Angela tried to distract Boris Johnson and throw him off stride in Parliament, just like the infamous scene from a film titled Basic Instinct. A spokesman for Rep. Rayner called the blame categorically false. While Angela Rayner responded by saying that all attempts to intimidate and harass me would fail. And Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to stay away from MPs, anonymously denouncing the misogyny directed against Rayner. Please see the next section for a further explanation on this topic.

The Speaker of Parliament, Lindsay Hoyle, has recalled the editor of Mail On Sunday for a meeting. Sir Lindsay said: “Freedom of the media is one of the pillars of democracy and last week, in response to an article, I told the House that I take the issue of media freedom very seriously.” Many stories are being developed on the internet about the matter. You will be informed of further updates as soon as the editor attends the session in Parliament. Stay tuned to this page for more information.

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